Is There A Diabetic Diet

Is there a diabetic diet?

You may be wondering if there is a specific ‘diabetic diet’ that you have to follow if you have been diagnosed with prediabetes or diabetes. The answer is quite simple, there is no ‘diabetic diet’, it’s all about healthy eating! Living with diabetes does not mean you have to eat a different diet than your friends and family. In truth, they would benefit from following a healthy diet as well.

So what is a healthy diet?  An easy-to-follow recommendation is the plate model. This means including ¼ of a plate of protein, ¼ of a plate of carbohydrates and ½ a plate of vegetables (non starchy e.g. no potatoes or corn). Following the plate model is simple and allows you to apply the mentioned proportions to any shape of plate you may have at home.

 Following the plate model may be difficult during breakfast as many of us do not cook vegetables in the morning. That’s ok! Just be sure that you balance your breakfast using both carbohydrates AND a source of protein to keep you fuller for a longer time.