Your donation can help the health mission of “STOP Diabetes” foundation. Key points about your donation:
1. Every dollar you donate goes directly to health projects and campaigns supported by “STOP Diabetes” foundation. We are a 100% volunteer run charitable organization and have zero administrative or operating costs.
2. Every penny is accounted for so that you can judge for yourself how carefully our funds are used. There are no management salaries, no five-star hotels, just a team of hard-working, dedicated volunteers devoted to great cause.
3. Our charitable foundation receives no government grants, so it depends on the generous support of private donors like yourself to carry on it’s community health awareness work.
4. “STOP Diabetes” foundation is a registered charitable organization with the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA). You’ll receive a CRA tax deductible donation receipt in your email within minutes of your donation on this page.

Contact Info

PO Box 30090
Brampton L6R 0S9